Karlkurla Bushland Park


This park comprises 200 hectares of natural regrowth bushland, along with over 2,000 trees and shrubs planted by community volunteers in 2000. ‘Karlkurla’ (pronounced gull-gurl-la) is the local Aboriginal word for the Silky Pear, one of the many native bushes, trees and small plants that can now be enjoyed while strolling along the park’s 4-kilometre walk trail.

In the days when the mines were fuelled by wood-fired steam engines, most of the extensive eucalypt woodland that surrounded Kalgoorlie-Boulder was felled by wood-cutters. In the decades since wood-cutting ceased, these woodlands have regenerated, with the Karlkurla Bushland Park being an excellent example of nature’s regenerative powers. The park is cared for by the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Urban Landcare Group and is one of the sites on the Golden Quest Green Trail.

Located at the end of Nankiville Road in the suburb of Hannans, the park is open year round, and is popular with bushwalkers and picnickers.

  • Karlkurla Bushland Park
  • Karlkurla Bushland Park