The Outback Way


Outback people think big, and few think bigger than Laverton's Patrick Hill who, over the past 13 years has been championing the concept of 'The Outback Way' – a high grade 2,800-kilometre road link between Laverton and Winton in Queensland (via Warburton, Giles, Docker River, Uluru and Alice Springs). Dubbed 'Australia's longest shortcut', it's a diagonal east-west/west-east highway traversing central Australia. Currently, 1,100kms are sealed and the aim is to have the remaining 1,700kms sealed sooner rather than later, providing a vital all-weather road link serving local communities, tourists, transport companies, miners and pastoralists.

If the dream is realised, it will mean that there will be a fully-sealed road corridor between Perth in the south-east corner of WA and Cairns on the north-east coast of Queensland.  When achieved it will revolutionise the way we traverse our nation.

Currently a journey for the intrepid and adventurous, The Outback Way is truly one of Australia's great experiences.

The Outback Way journey is supported by a fabulous HEMA Guidebook with detailed maps and upto date information.

For further information on The Outback Way including required permits and road conditions, contact the locals at The Great Beyond Visitor Centre  Laverton or visit the trail website at


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  • The Outback Way
  • The Outback Way