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Map of the Goldfields tourism network Leonora Laverton Menzies Kalgoorlie-Boulder Coolgardie Kambalda Norseman

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Getting to the Goldfields


If you're travelling independently by road, the four principal entry points into the Goldfields region are:

  • From southern and south-western Western Australia, you can reach the Goldfields via the Coolgardie-Esperance Highway, the Great Eastern Highway or the Holland Track to enter the region at Coolgardie, the official starting point for the Golden Quest Discovery Trail. From Perth, via the Great Eastern Highway, the journey to Coolgardie takes approximately seven hours, a distance of just under 560 kilometres. 
  • From northern Western Australia, you can reach the Goldfields via the Goldfields Highway, entering the region through Leinster and Leonora. 
  • From South Australia and the eastern states, you can reach the Goldfields via the Eyre Highway, entering the region at Norseman and taking the Coolgardie-Esperance Highway to Coolgardie. 
  • Alternatively, from Queensland and the Northern Territory, you can reach the Goldfields via the Outback Highway, entering the region at Laverton.

The Goldfields is part of a greater region in Western Australia known as "Australias Golden Outback". To enhance your journey and gain further information on the surrounding region, you can obtain a copy of the Australias Golden Outback Holiday Planner. This guide supports self-drive travel to and from the Goldfields with suggested travel routes and attractions. This is a free publication and can be downloaded from their website at  

If you're not an independent road traveller, you can get to and from the Goldfields by air, rail or coach. Kalgoorlie-Boulder is the hub for these services.

By Air

Offering daily flights between Perth and Kalgoorie-Boulder are Qantas (Ph: 131 313) and Skywest (Ph: 1300 66 00 88 )
Cobham Air (Ph: 08 9479 9700) offers flights between Perth and Kambalda based on charter service seat availability.

By Rail

The Prospector (Ph: 13 10 53) provides a daily rail service between Perth and Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

The Indian Pacific (Ph: 13 21 47) one of the world's great train journeys operated by Great Southern Railways, travels between Perth and Sydney via Kalgoorlie several times each week.

Best time to travel to the Goldfields

As the Goldfields region is renowned for its fine weather and beautiful blue skies, you can visit at any time of the year. Like most of Australia's semi-arid regions, the summers are long and hot, (December to March) while the winters are mild and dry. (June to September) Whatever the season, temperatures can drop below 10° Celsius (50° Fahrenheit), so bring some warm clothing. Average annual rainfall is less than 300 millimetres, with occasional thunderstorms in summer.

Road Conditions

The roads into and out of the Goldfields via the northern, western and southern routes are all sealed (bitumen) roads with the exception being the Great Central Road (Outback Way) east out of Laverton across to the centre of Australia. All the major desitinations or towns in the Goldfields region are linked by bitumen roads. Some of the roads out to various attractions such as some of the Golden Quest Discovery Trail sites and the Gormley Sculptures at Lake Ballard are unsealed (gravel or dirt) roads.

Following heavy rain, some roads are closed to all traffic. In such instances, the relevant authorities post signs announcing the closure. On no account proceed if a Road Closed sign is up. If you do, you can be heavily fined and also be liable for the cost of any road repairs required as a result of your use. Fortunately, road closures are relatively rare.

Always remember that rain creates instant changes to road conditions in the Goldfields. Following heavy rain, up-to-date information on road conditions along sealed highways can be obtained by calling Main Roads WA on 1800 013 314 (free call). For the latest information on the condition of unsealed roads, you are advised to contact the appropriate local government authority, as listed below.

 City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

   08 9021 9600   

 Shire of Coolgardie

   08 9026 6001

 Shire of Leonora

  08 9037 6044

 Shire of Laverton

  08 9031 1202

 Shire of Menzies

   08 9024 2041

On all gravel or dirt roads, regardless of their condition, it is essential to travel at a speed that allows you to safely respond to any situation. Never exceed 80 kilometres per hour, regardless of how good or straight the road may appear to be. The sudden use of the brakes on a gravel road can have you in a dangerous skid and heading for the scrub.

Whilst travelling on these unsealed roads, you are urged to observe the following recommendations.
  • Look well ahead on the road for possible trouble spots.
  • Watch out for wildlife and livestock on or near the road, especially at dawn and dusk.
  • Watch for dust in the distance to indicate oncoming traffic. Always slow down and move to the side of the road, most particularly when the approaching vehicle is a road train (these articulated trucks can be over 50 metres in length).
  • Always drive to the conditions at the time, slowing down on bends and rough sections of the road, and do not speed under any circumstance.
  • Avoid driving at night unless absolutely necessary.
The Western Australia Road Safety Commission has released 'On the Road' brochures which assist with driving safely in regional WA written in Italian, German, Malay, Mandarin, Korean, English and French. Download the digital versions here:

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